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Sports Analyzer simulates and analyzes a sport game between two teams and shows who has the highest chance of winning. It also shows which stats should be improved to increase those chances.
This way you’re one step ahead when betting on a game or if you just want to know if your team makes any chance at all.
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04/28/2013 12:51:00 - Feedback button
We've added a new feedback button to the left of the Sports Analyzer website. This way we hope to change and update the website to the wishes of the user. You can provide us with any feedback no matter how little, negative or positive. You would help us big time!

Jan 27 2013 8:15PM - NBA All-Stars Teams
The NBA 2013 All-Star weekend is just around the corner. The teams have been announced and starting from today we added both the Western and Eastern conference teams to Sports Analyzer.

Oct 3 2012 6:28PM - NotFound.org
From now on Dragoonflight's websites support NotFound.org. All our 404 pages will now show a picture of a missing child. This way, we hope to help in the search of finding all missing children.

Jun 29 2012 3:56PM - WNBA
With the release of V1.1.0 we added the WNBA. Now you can analyze all the stats of the Women's National Basketball Association.

Jun 20 2012 6:27PM - V1.0.0 Release
Today we release Sports Analyzer V1.0.0 and so we close the Beta. At the moment you can only analyze NBA games, but you can expect soccer, NFL and WNBA in the near future. So don't forget to check it out!

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